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When I was first referred to Kris Timpert by my great friend and personal trainer I had severe doubts. Two doctors had told me that I needed knee replacements in both knees. One of the doctors told me to wait as long as I could until I couldn’t bear the pain any longer, the other doctor wanted me to sign up for surgery before I left his office.

So I followed the advice of the first doctor and went on living with severe bone on bone knee pain. Both doctors said the same thing, no running, no lunges, no squats. Kris Timpert has changed my life. She did an initial assessment, reviewed my MRI and we started a program. What Kris said was “Obviously you have degenerative changes in your knees. There’s not much we can do about that. However, I believe you have several other factors contributing to the pain that if they weren’t in the picture, you may feel significantly better.”

I really didn’t believe that was possible but I trusted my trainer and was willing to give anything a try for less pain. Kris did exactly what she said she could do-she basically got me out of knee pain. Now I am not saying that my knees never hurt, every once in a while they do. But I went from severe pain 100% of the time to mild/moderate pain every once in a while. I only see Kris once a week and I believe she is a miracle worker. Kris knows by looking at you what she needs to work on and in a very short period of time Kris fixes you. I never thought I could go up and down stairs with no pain-well thanks to Kris I can, sometimes I even run down the stairs. Oh and by the way I am also doing squats and lunges with no pain. If you are in pain don’t wait a minute longer, Kris Timpert can and will get you out of pain. Kris is Amazing!

Susan Hoffberg

Before I begin, I want start off by simply saying this, “Kris Timpert saved my life.”

I now feel strong, independent, pain-free, and no longer have to give up the activities and important aspects of my life that my physical impairments prevented me from doing before I began working with Kris.

Before I met Kris, I lived my life walking on eggshells. I was in constant pain and discomfort, with constant instability persisting throughout my entire body. This muscular and structural instability caused pain, injuries, and symptoms to move from place to place throughout various areas of my body. I always had back, neck, hip, wrist, and pelvic floor problems, to simply name a few. The health problems and symptoms I endured throughout my lifetime did not just physically affect me; they eventually lead to emotional and mental repercussions as well.

These problems continued to get worse as time passed; as did the diagnosis that it was all in my head. Now, it wasn’t necessarily because the doctors didn’t care or couldn’t take the time to try to figure out what was wrong, it was simply that they didn’t know. Instead of just telling me that, they gave me medications, physical therapy, surgeries, epidural shots, or blatantly told me nothing was wrong and it was all in my head.

At least for me, a 25-year-old woman, who spent her entire childhood and adolescence being scared and in pain, the feeling was all too real and overwhelming. In many ways, it felt as if I was drowning in an ocean, gasping for air, struggling to stay a float just to survive. So although there were dozens of lifeguards surrounding me in lifeboats, holding life preservers in their hands, they never recognized that I was in trouble.

Kris was the first “lifeguard” to come along and see that I was in need of help. She didn’t just paddle her lifeboat over and throw me the life preserver. Kris jumped into the water herself and personally pulled me out. I’ll never forget the day that I walked into Kris Timpert’s office. She literally looked at me and said; “I think I already know what’s wrong with you. I think you have an atlas subluxation. Now, let’s get you checked out. ”

The fact that I had people probing and prodding me my entire life and even had surgery less than six months earlier, that only made the pain worse, I was baffled that Kris knew the instant I walked in the door. I remember crying in her studio after she had given me a few assessments and Kris put her hand on my shoulder to comfort me and said, “Sweetie, this is good news. It means everything you’ve had to endure your entire life will be over soon. Yes, there’s something wrong, but at least it’s something we can fix. I can help you, I will work with you ‘til the very end and we’ll get you healed.” I remember looking back at her, thanking her for her kind words, and saying, “I’m crying out of relief. I’m relieved! I knew I was not crazy. This wasn’t all in my head. This was real. I knew it was, but nobody ever could ever tell me what was wrong.” That day changed my life; I was on the road to recovery.

She referred me to a neurological upper cervical chiropractor, which confirmed my atlas subluxation, structural misalignment, and the nerve problems going on throughout my body. Over time the NUCCA and Kris helped me to recover, heal, and become stronger than I had ever been before.

The subluxation in my neck, lead to instability throughout my entire body by altering my posture, creating muscles weakness and disrupting my central and autonomic nervous systems. In other words, I really had a problem that needed to be corrected in order for me to get out of pain and be able to maintain and live a healthy, independent life.

When Kris met me, I was in rough shape. My skin was pale, my body weak and I felt more like 90 instead of 25. My life was affected in every aspect imaginable: romantic relationships, health, school, work, my social life, and any and all areas involving my independence and self-efficacy. But then I met Kris and everything changed. She was very personable, attentive, understanding, patient, and sensitive to what I was going through, both physically and emotionally. Slowly she worked me through all of my roadblocks. She worked to strengthen my body, correct my posture and restore all my natural movement patterns that had been impossible and/or restricted in the past.

Within just a few sessions of working with Kris, I saw immediate improvements and changes throughout my entire body as well as relief from the emotional burden my pain had over me. Many of the exercises that Kris designed in my personalized training program involved “awakening” my nervous systems and the important muscles in my body that had not been turned off by my fear, injuries, weakness, and instability. That’s what is so important about working with Kris. She creates a training program that is specifically for the individual in order to address and correct their specific injuries and the areas of the body that need to be strengthened and healed. Having an opportunity to work with Kris is truly once in a lifetime. I call her my own personal “healer” because that’s exactly what she did. She healed me…. and without working with her, the life I live now would have never been possible.

Isabelle- Age 25

My name is Steve Notari and I am a 72 year old tennis player. In May 2009, I began to feel pain in my right shoulder. Several weeks after the onset of this pain, I lost the ability to lift my right arm and, thus, the ability to play tennis. In late June I saw an orthopedist who prescribed conventional physical therapy to remedy my pain. After two months of tri-weekly therapy sessions I had made no progress. Upon reporting this lack of success to my doctor, he recommended I get an MRI. I did so in mid-August, and the results of the test indicated tears in both the rotator cuff and the supraspinatus tendon. Furthermore, my doctor informed me that these injuries would be irreparable without surgery. Concerned with the idea of having surgery, I solicited the advice of a second orthopedist. His opinion was no different; he told me that without surgery, I would never play tennis again.Disappointed and disheartened, I was desperate to heal my injury. When I was considering the impact such an operation would have on my life, my daughter, a physician, suggested I try a more holistic approach to healing. She recommended CHEK Practitioner Kristine A. Timpert, whom she dubbed her “life-saver”. Eager to see if I could benefit from her expertise, I made an appointment in October. At the conclusion of my initial visit Ms. Timpert promised she could help me.

Since beginning my training with Ms. Timpert this fall, I have seen her fifteen times. She worked with me to repair and re-strengthen my shoulder, but also went above and beyond, helping me to heal my bad knee of ten years. After seeing Ms. Timpert for two short months, I was able to play tennis again. I am grateful beyond words for her help because she has not only remedied my physical injuries, but also revived my vivacity. With her vast understanding of the mechanics of the human body, she prevented me from having unnecessary surgery and enabled me to continue pursuing my athletic passion.

With the deepest appreciation for Kristine A. Timpert,

Steve Notari

I came to find Kris through a recommendation from a fellow Physical Therapy “drop out” and it was the best thing that has happened to me. Seven plus months following a simple rotator cuff surgery, with PT 2-3 times a week and countless hours of exercise I was still unable to lift my own arm up to shoulder level. The doctor’s diagnosis was vague-frozen shoulder encapsulitis, scar tissue whatever. The bottom line- nothing had worked.

My entourage of medical personnel, surgeon, physical therapists, massage therapists, neurologist, radiologist, chiropractors, and sports medicine physicians was increasing, but my condition was not improving. No one had any explanations and no one except me seemed concerned by my lack of progress.

As a high club level player, my dreams of returning for spring tennis were fading rapidly and the idea that I might never play again was starting to take hold. Kris, however changed everything. Because of my crazy work schedule and my impatience to have some answers, she agreed to see me on a Sunday morning.

On our 2nd visit Kris assured me that I would be playing tennis in 2 1/2 months. From the very beginning she has been professional and knowledgeable. Her own life story told me she knew how I felt and what I wanted. She zeroed in immediately on the nature of my problem and devised a program to address my many issues above & beyond just my shoulder. She patiently described anything I questioned, brought in text books, models, charts and spent hours thinking about my case and how to proceed. She was dedicated to my improvement and recovery probably more than I was ( which is hard to believe). She was more than generous with the time she devoted to me. Her constant encouragement kept me chugging away and actually the session’s seemed “fun” compared to a year of no progress.

In spite of my initial skeptism, I saw daily improvement and she kept her promise. I was playing tennis in 2 1/2 months. Without her compassion & friendship I probably would have just given up trying to improve, stopped playing racquet sports and assumed that was what it was.  Instead bridge and tidily winks will have to wait hopefully another 10+ years. I have moved on to platform tennis for the winter thinking ” Hey, I think that in spite of 1 1/2 year layoff, I am looking good!”

Ruth Ann Connors

I have been playing basketball since a very young age. It’s my passion in life and I love to pursue it wholeheartedly. When playing such a sport, injuries can occur due to the nature of the game. I’ve had many different types of minor injuries throughout my career and I’ve always been able to bounce back from them.However, while playing at college I developed lower back pain which got progressively worse. Stupidly I played through the injury at times until it got to such a point that I was in severe pain and couldn’t walk properly anymore. With the help of the trainers I partly rehabilitated myself and was able to play again but found that I was relapsing many times over. The MRI showed 2 herniated discs in my lumbar spine region. Doctors and trainers told me that the last and best option to resolve the issue at that time was to have surgery. Afraid of doing such a thing and unwilling to give up basketball I sought out the best CHEK practitioner I could find.

I felt that I was at a desperate point in my career but having heard about the wonders of what CHEK practitioners could so I was hopeful for a full recovery!

I called the CHEK institute for help and they gave me Kristine Timpert’s contact details.

I explained to her my situation on the phone and she was confident she could help me. I saw Ms Timpert for an assessment and she was able to recognise what was wrong with me immediately and showed me ways of fixing the problems. I was actually only able to see her
once in person. Nonetheless she was able to put me on the right road to a full recovery.

After a few months of using the rehabilitation programs she had specifically designed for me I was out of pain and able to play basketball again. Soon after that, I was playing competitively at a national level. This past summer I represented my country (England) in various tournaments and I am now enjoying my first year as a professional player.

I am extremely appreciative for Kristine’s help. With her knowledge and understanding of how the body works she has given me the opportunity to continue living out my dream.

Thank you Kristine!

Samuel Cricelli

I have had the privilege of professionally knowing Kristine Timpert for over two years as a client. When I first met Kris, I was afflicted with episodic bouts of lumbar back pain. Several times a year the pain was so debilitating I would walk like “Quasimodo” taking Advil as if it were a vitamin. I was unable to enjoy activities that I had in the past.

Kris quickly assessed my musculoskeletal and mechanical dysfunction. So began my training and journey back to health. I have never had any recurrence of my back pain.

I am certain that without Kris’s assessment, intervention and regular training program I would still require pain medication and not take part in the activities that I wish to continue enjoying in my life.

I have learned much from Kris that is not taught in medical school, regarding how important it is to keep our “core” fit and functional. I’ve come to believe that in many cases, “back pain” (our society’s most common medical complaint) is preventable.

I have had several family members nursed back to health by Kris, who would have otherwise required standard medical interventions, including surgery.

The combination of her C.H.E.K. training, insight, genuine concern and dedication has earned her the title of healer in my eyes.

Scott Pacific, M.D.
-Dr. Pacific is a practicing anesthesiologist in Berkeley Heights, NJ. He has been deemed one of New Jersey’s “Top Doc’s” 2009 – 2014.

I am a walker or I use to be a walker. What I thought was Sciatica reduced my weekly mileage from 8 to 0. I would start out hopeful and come back dragging my left leg. I went to various Doctors, who suggested various medications; and message therapists, some of which offered, gratefully, temporary relief. I was at the point of not sleeping because I couldn’t find a comfortable position.

A message therapist who did his level best to help me suggested I “take it to the next stage” and visit Kris Timpert. What a gift! Visit one consisted of an extensive physical evaluation. She used measurement tools that made me dubious, was she real or a charlatan? In our second meeting we reviewed her findings and game plan. What I learned from experience is Kris’s unique ability to synthesize the data, the patient and come up with “the program”. Kris has the ability to see the inside physicality, without the aid of x-rays or MRI’s, to come up with the best program. Mind you she is a task master, but within a few visits I went from not walking to walking to hiking all without medication.

When Kris heard I was about to embark on a hut to hut cross country ski event she made sure my upper body was in shape along with my legs. This is not to say I didn’t have lapses but those were due to my not following the program. In the end Kris was the single person to diagnose me correctly, it was not sciatica it was myofascial. I am truly grateful for the gift Kris has.

To those reading this recommendation: there are alternatives to traditional treatments and there are folks who posses unique talents to understand the body and how to make it work solidly. Kris Timpert is one of those uniquely talented people.

Kathy F.

I’m a very healthy young woman who was going through life every day with some sort of lower back and leg pain for as long as I can remember. After being introduced to Kris, I immediately LOVED her enthusiasm and zest for life. Next, I was immediately impressed with her serious KNOWLEDGE of the body. I really was confident from the start that I was not only going to be OK with Kris, but that I would learn how to EMPOWER myself. It’s been six months and I’m extremely proud to say I’ve graduated from my custom designed rehabilitation program and now moving into more awesome exercises with her. At every session, I come with my heart and mind open and ready. I’m completely in love with the healthy, young, strong, and pain free woman I have become. Thank you Kris, I am sincerely grateful for you.


I have been a Chef for many years, so I am always on my feet. To keep in good shape, I work out with trainers, and play golf and squash. Because of all of this, I just got used to doing things with back and hip pain and because I simply thought that that is what happens as you get older – I am currently 45. To deal with this pain for the past 10 years, I have had much physical therapy, steroid injections and even had labral surgery on my left hip.

After the surgery the pain went away, and I started back up doing what I love to do, work, squash, golf, fish. But the pain came back. Then I found Kris. Over the past 3 months that I have been working with her, not only did my hip pain go away but my standing posture has improved. My shoulder blades don’t “wing” as they did, and my overall strength, endurance, and breathing have improved tremendously.

I could go on forever about Kris but the main thing is that she is a fixer, she looks at the big picture in order to help you move better without pain, and will give you the needed tools and information, so that you will be pain free forever. It is your call.

James laird
Restaurant Serenade