dd Corrective Exercise/Consulting

Corrective Exercise is a technique used to select the appropriate exercises for an individual in order to restore postural alignment, spine and core function, as well as restore healthy primal patterns. Primal patters include: squat, lunge, bend, push, pull and twist.

When the body is misaligned, joints begin to wear out and become painful. In addition, if the core is not working optimally with the muscles of the spine, your back and hips will begin to degenerate.

Everyone talks about exercising the core, but do you know what the core is? What happens when you do core work, but the core isn’t working?  The role of the nervous system is to keep load out of the joints. When these systems are not functioning, everything you do starts to wear out your body.

Kris provides each client with an in depth assessment before designing that person’s exercise prescription. Her ability to design a program focused on the individual’s need is what expedites the process of restoring balance.

The same principle applies to those who are not in pain. The average school student lives with posterior chain weakness from sitting day in an day out, carrying heavy back packs and performing exercises while lying on their back, or sitting in machines in the school gym.

When it comes to exercise, you have to take into consideration what you’re doing most of the day. Are you sitting for long hours, lifting objects repeatedly or rotating in only one direction such as a supermarket cashier?

Kris believes the role of exercise is to make it so your daily life doesn’t break down your body. Exercise programs should be filling the void for movement or compliment movement to keep the body safe.

Kris has the ability to help those in pain, help those to avoid pain, and bring athletes up to speed towards their full potential.

From corporate lectures, individuals or personal trainers interested in learning the anatomy and the process to accelerate themselves and their clients to wellness, Kris offers personalized one on one consulting.   Please e-mail her at kristimpert@hotmail.com if you are interested in learning more about this service.

Corrective Exercise is the technique used to correct the alignment of the musculoskeletal system in order to restore muscles to their normal lengths.  Postural misalignment is the number one cause of most joint aches and pains and inappropriate exercise usually exacerbates the problem.

Kris provides a personalized assessment for the individual and training sessions are offering either in the studio or as a personalized home prescription.  Home prescriptions however, are not given until the individual has become proficient with the exercises prescribed.  These programs can last from four weeks to two months.

As a top level C.H.E.K Practitioner and Neuromuscular Therapist, Kris offers superior post physical therapy training.  Please see her current testimonials:


I have a condition called ankylosis spondylitis that was diagnosed in 2012. I am 38 years old and have had back pain since I was 17. 

When I met Kris in 2014, I could not move my neck and I was in pain almost every day. The quality of my life was very low. We have been working once a week for more than a couple of years now and to say that she has changed my life is an understatement. Kris understands the human body well and knows what it takes to make it better. She was very considerate of my pain and took me along at a pace that ensured that I did not injure myself. Her ability to understand the situation and then to figure out an appropriate solution is exemplary.

She was also very generous in referring other practitioners to help me out. She found me an awesome chiropractor, acupuncturist and a doctor to help me with my situation. 

I continue to work with her and currently am pain free! 


I am a 55 year old businessman who spent the last 30 years hunched over a desk. I had no pain or physical problems, I just moved a little slower which I attributed to middle age. Other than a declining golf game, I thought I was in OK shape. I had worked out with a personal trainer for the last two years and felt I was keeping myself in relatively good condition.
When my trainer moved I decided to try something different. Based on a strong recommendation by a close friend I went to see Kris. After the initial assessment, she looked at me funny and said she could help me solve my problems—problems I didn’t know I had. The bottom line is I’ve been working with Kris for 6 months and she has helped restore my functional movement, strength and flexibility and improved my posture.
Kris understands the human body. She saw I had significant tightness, lack of flexibility (she said I was like a 2×4 board) and my body just didn’t move like God had intended. She identified the causes and developed programs to target specific challenges I had. Starting with a stretch routine (which I am still doing today) she added strengthening exercises that each had a specific purpose. As I progressed, she modified the program to address the next issue.
I often thought the workouts were not very challenging—sometimes I wouldn’t even break a sweat. While I used to think I had to push myself with the heaviest weights or the most reps, she has taught me that less is more. While hard to accept, the targeted specific program she has developed for me has produced results.
I have gone from having a flat back to one with the proper curve in the lower back. My head hung forward, now I am standing straighter (I have gained an inch in height). My flexibility has improved dramatically. My legs/hips/lower body now move independently and my shoulders/back muscles move in ways they haven’t in years. My body can now execute a squat in good form, a real golf swing, I can serve a tennis ball and I can throw a ball overhand.
It has been a long journey and I have worked hard at it. The improvement has been worth all the work. I look forward to continuing to make progress and improve further working with Kris.

John P.


After twenty years of pain, in only one month, Kris made me pain free. The chronic pain plagued me for over twenty years. In the beginning it came and went and over the years it became more frequent until finally it became a constant in my life. On several occasions I sought out medical help, which resulted in x-rays and MRI’s that showed nothing. One doctor humored me and prescribed physical therapy. The pain only got worse. I accepted the pain as one of those things in life that cannot be changed.

During an appointment, my dermatologist, Dr. Notari (also one of the most caring and nurturing people I have ever met) noticed that I was in pain. After my explanation, the fabulous Dr. Notari scribbled Kris Timpert’s name and number on a post it and said, “I’m pretty sure Kris can help you”. I was dialing Kris’ number the minute I got to my car.

After an almost three hour evaluation, Kris advised me that, in addition to my iliopsoas issues and no muscles to speak of, I had issues with my shoulders which impacted my neck alignment which impacted my head which impacted my neck and so on and so on…

At our next appointment, Kris presented a plan that addressed all the issues – it didn’t make sense to only address what I came for initially. We started the therapy almost immediately and after only one month I realized something: I could curl up on the sofa without any pain. When I need to think a happy thought, I think about that day at the end of January when I curled up on the sofa without any pain. I will never forget that moment.

I am now able to walk through a grocery store without any pain. I no longer wake up from pain when I roll over in bed. My thighs no longer feel like the muscle is being ripped from the bone. I am able to get up from a chair pain free. I still, on occasion, catch myself anticipating a pain (it’s funny how the mind works) and am still amazed and surprised when there is none.

We are still working on re-building muscles and strength and making amazing progress with the shoulders. Aligning the shoulders and neck has eliminated my TMJ issues.

Kris’ healing and knowledge of the body is mind-boggling. Kris’ approach is to treat the whole system (body and mind) coupled with a “no pain” approach. It took a while to believe and trust in this approach as the “no pain, no gain” was so ingrained in me. Kris developed a plan that gently healed and is now strengthening and reshaping my body and as well as mind.

A friend that was scheduled for back surgery drove over an hour each way to see Kris. After their initial session, Kris referred him to therapists in his area. He insisted on a second appointment with Kris. He is now working with Kris’ referrals closer to home and is also amazed that he was able to postpone his surgery indefinitely, perhaps forever. This is entirely due to Kris’ advise and direction.

Kris has an amazing talent and passion for healing. Kris’ compassion, enthusiasm and genuine concern for each client are unsurpassed. Kris is one of those people that you meet once in a lifetime. The kind that has a profound impact on your life. Thank you, Dr. Notari for the great referral.

I truly believe that Kris has saved my life and in addition to healing my body, Kris has also touched my soul. I am forever grateful for this miracle called Kris.

Anya Allara