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In order for her clients to achieve their goals, Kris uses her intuition and invites her clients to discover  what are often times hidden underlying issues.   Kris uses art therapy and mandalas to help her clients deal with stress while discovering deeper aspects of who they are .  Kris does not give her clients advice but instead offers a safe place for them to heal and grow themselves at a pace appropriate for them.  Uncovering parts of ourselves that our out of balance, we begin to understand the greater purpose of our life experiences.  In that awareness, we begin to transform the painful places of our lives into compassion and inner peace.

It takes enormous courage to heal and grow self.  The benefits of such bravery leads her clients into the center of their own hearts.  From here they take control of their own lives, using their own light and begin  blazing their own path into their authentic self.

Coaching Sessions are typically 1 hour in length and can be done in person or over the phone.

Call to schedule an appointment at 908-331-5436 and pay online below:

Hourly sessions $125


if babies Inspirations:

I hope you will enjoy my unique offering of not just for children’s books. In a world where everyone takes everything so seriously, it’s time we had a little fun. Kids no doubt will enjoy them too but let’s face it – there’s a kid in each one of us.

If Babies Did Crunches:

if babies did crunches

We all love the idea of making our abdominal muscles beautifully cut and toned but I wonder what happens when babies do it? Please click here to purchase your copy.

If Babies were Buddha’s :

If Babies were Buddha’s
If Babies were Buddhas – An Experience, by Michael Jocson
Just recently, a lovely friend/colleague and fellow Level IV CHEK Practitioner, Kris Timpert, gifted me a copy of her book “If Babies were Buddhas”. This “book” appears on the surface as if it was meant for children to read being that it has few pages, simple passages, and vivid illustrations. And yet as we know in Life, not everything is as it seems on the surface and you certainly can not judge a book by its cover.

Kris had asked me to review her book and to give her my perspective of it considering my background with meditation, spirituality, shamanism, and all things of the “Unseen”. Here’s my take: This isn’t a book to be read but more so an Experience to experience. Most people would probably breeze right through it, browsing through the pictures, reading the words, and probably think “Yeah, I get it. But will kids understand this?” The book is presented in a children’s book style and it’s common for one to assume that it was meant for children but when you truly “Experience” it, you’ll find something much deeper. As many of you who know me, I have a close relationship with Rudolf Steiner and his works of Anthroposophy, where Anthroposophy is a path to understanding the connection between our physical lives and the spiritual realities that inform them. As Kris writes, “Perhaps the reason a god can’t be seen is because the energy needs us as a go-between.” Please do not get caught up in the word “god”, for it has so many different meanings for each person which can distract one from experiencing the deeper message. Isn’t that so common? Where from our own doings, we can totally miss the point, the moment, because our mind gets stuck on one particular part so we end up missing the Whole. How many times have you purely focused on what another person is saying without your mind thinking of something else? Very rarely (if one is truly honest with themselves). We, as Humans, as part of our nature, want to know everything; so we judge everything before us through comparisons with our past experiences. This is how Humans have a unique gift of Creation, where we can create each moment. We create our boundaries. We experience. And we grow from the experience. Problems arise when we focus so much on the details that we miss out on the bigger picture. Our ego goes “monkey mind” where it attaches to its neuroses, so much so that we’ve become an ADD/HD society.

In Taoism, they talk about the balance of yin and yang; the Buddha taught the Middle Path; we, as Humans are the Middle Path. What resides within us is the best of both worlds – our lower animal selves and our Higher Spiritual Selves. We all have an inner Light, a little Buddha, that resides within. Catholics have a saying about “seeing Christ in others”. The Buddha, the Christ, is the balancing of the Human experience. We are never “stuck” on either end of the spectrum between opposites. Life is a dynamic process of happy/sad, good/evil, tall/short, or young/old. We keep moving regardless of the protective reactions of the distracted ego/mind. If Babies were Buddhas, subtlety gets the message across that You are that dynamic process; You are Buddha, Christ. It describes the archetypal path of the wounded healer, the arduous journey towards Enlightenment in the quest for the Holy Grail.

Just imagine how different the world would be if everyone discovered their little “Buddhas” within them? I recommend reading this “book” initially and then read it again and again, until eventually you realize that you are meditating. That’s it. Allow this book to be a meditative experience and Be Open to accept whatever the Experience reveals to You…

….And then pass the book along to another fellow Human.


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Meditation & Mandala Art Therapy DVD

Meditation & Mandala Art Therapy DVD

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to purchase your copy.


How to Light the Furnace of Self Love

how to light the furnace of self love


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Much is coming through this little kid, so please stay tuned.

Intuitive Art Mandalas

Discover the things your inner being needs to express learning the powerful combination of meditation and mandala art therapy. Kris asks each of us to reach deep and open up! The adventure begins with a black pencil and one big circle. Attending one of Kris’s classes will show how this therapy can offer physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellness. In addition, Kris offers an intuitive interpretation of each participants mandala.

Have a mandala you would like me to interpret, click here to place a request




I’ve only been working with Kris for a relatively short time, but she’s already had a profound influence on my life. I found Kris through the PPS Program when I needed help with one of the lessons. It was from there that we started a series of long-distance telephone calls that have been the basis of our interactions. It’s been the easiest thing in the world to talk with Kris. It’s been as if she’s in the room with me, has known me all my life and yet has the perspective of an outsider – a very wise outsider.

We’ve really come so far in such a short time because Kris has helped me to cut straight to the heart of issues with her intuition, which is powerful and dizzyingly accurate! It has at times been challenging territory, looking at the flipside of my own consciousness, but Kris has a way of presenting even the greatest challenges as an invitation to discover something. Or recover something.

Our work together has been greatly enhanced, maybe even propelled, by the use of mandalas and has re-ignited my love of art. Kris has invited me to draw mandalas following each of our conversations, to express emotions, situations or perceptions. For me, this medium has been freeing, immediate, honest, and natural and has really taken my healing to another level. Kris’ illuminating interpretations of the mandalas have been so insightful and have resonated with truth for me each time – she has an amazing gift!

So what started for me, as a “safe” question to a mentor about homework has become more like and exciting and welcome chapter in my soul’s journey.


Mandala’s are a form of creative expression in which your heart and wounded ego parts come together to share your current state of awareness. Carl Jung was fond of using mandalas as a way to see inside the emotional body of his patients. Because the very drawing of mandalas causes the ego to become undefended, the heart creates a truth around the experience it is having within the body. Jung found the mandala’s of his patients a keyhole into their inner reality and from those drawings would take their hand and help guide them out of the illusion of the wounded self.
My experience with mandalas has been so powerful they have actually expressed past lives as well as future events I am still waiting to unfold. I believe they are a creative playground providing an intimate, and loving place to help the parts of us that are hurting to safely heal. Through this amazing art therapy, you can guide yourself through the journey of recapturing the innocence you were born with, the wholeness of self and the peace of mind you have spent your life searching for.

Picture Art Therapy is a more casual creative way to express. This particular piece is so powerful that I wish to share the interpretation. The individual who drew this feels trapped in their life and although they are eager to grow, the pressure of those around them to remain the same holds them in a bit of a checkmate. What’s so beautiful about this piece is you can clearly see they already have the answers to unlock their questions, but simply pour it out as it’s easier to do what others want from you than it is to do what you want from yourself. The pitcher represents self and as you can see it’s cracked. This is a bit of a metaphor as the cracking of the eggshell. If the chick doesn’t crack the shell, it will suffocate and die. A human who’s growing into their consciousness must do the same thing. The golden half moon represents the energy of source.



It is such a privilege to have you in my life. As a Holistic Coach you are an inspiration. Among teachers there is a saying, “You teach who you are, not what you teach”, and that has been my experience with you.

I have been inspired and motivated by your passion for life, your commitment to family, friends and work as well as your courage overcoming a difficult childhood. Your coaching has helped me to heal past hurts, expand my social life and value my current relationships in new ways. Your lighthearted 
spirit and desire to bring out the best in others has contributed to my having more self-esteem and leading a more fulfilled life. I believe your work with individuals as well as your writings will enrich many lives.

My deepest gratitude to one of the most beautiful human beings on the planet.

Love and Peace,

Kris has changed my life!   Kris had me look inside myself, and listen to what my soul wanted.  I have changed my lifestyle as far as eating healthy, organic foods, drinking quality water and loving myself enough to want to treat myself with kindness and love.

Kris is fabulous in waking one up to their life and making one feel alive!

Since working with Kris I began a journey of self-discovery, something that I was longing for, but fear consumed me.  I am thankful to Kris for sharing her wisdom with me, and I still look forward to each time I’m with her in learning more about myself.  Kris is a special person with an extraordinary mind.  She makes you think outside the box.

Nancy K.

I began my journey about 4 years ago when I met Kris.  I originally was given her name from a friend of mine who told me she could help with my posture.  And yet, little did I know that it would be so much more.  After she helped with my posture, she became my exercise trainer.  I was probably a very tough client because I believed in the conventional thought about weight training and exercise and food so I was always giving her a hard time with all the traditional questions and excuses.  It is only because I had tried everything else, that I decided to try what Kris had to say and give it shot.  And during that time, she would slowly introduce me to different thought processes because I was so closed minded.  I was not a spiritual person but Kris opened my mind up to the world of possibilities.

4 years later, my mind has blossomed to so many new beginnings.  I lost weight and got my emotional issues under control.  My health is fantastic and have never felt better in my life.  I am heading in the right direction and trying to sit quiet with myself and hear what my purpose in life is.  A lot of my growing came about by watching Kris grow herself.  She definitely practices what she preaches so you can’t give her any excuses that she already doesn’t know.  We are both moms who face obstacles because owe are raising families while trying to stay true to ourselves.  It is a slow process that takes time but Kris has been an amazing teacher and she is unlike anyone that I have ever met.  She truly cares and is a great mentor.  Once you open the doors to change, there is no turning back.  As Kris says, it is like a budding flower that opens one petal at a time.  If you want  your life to change, Kris will help you every step of the way but get ready for the roller coaster ride for your emotional journey.

S. Lysa