Kris is a highly skilled C.H.E.K Level 4 Practitioner, Exercise Consultant, Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Neuromuscular Therapist, Certified Massage Therapist, Golf Biomechanic, PPS Mastery Mentor, Certified Intuitive Consultant and Author to her first book,"If Babies Did Crunches".

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Corrective Exercise is a technique used to select the appropriate exercises for an individual in order to restore postural alignment, spine and core function, as well as restore healthy primal patterns. Primal patters include: squat, lunge, bend, push, pull and twist.

When the body is misaligned, joints begin to wear out and become painful. In addition, if the core is not working optimally with the muscles of the spine, your back and hi

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In order for her clients to achieve their goals, Kris uses her intuition and invites her clients to discover  what are often times hidden underlying issues.   Kris uses art therapy and mandalas to help her clients deal with stress while discovering deeper aspects of who they are .  Kris does not give her clients advice but instead offers a safe place for them to heal and grow themselves at a pace appropriate for them.  Uncovering parts of

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Meditation & Mandala Art Therapy DVDI didn’t want to see Kris Timpert about my back pain.I was fed up with everyone. I had gotten no relief from a myriad of New York City health practitioners, mostly high priced doctors who charged fortunes and repeatedly found nothing wrong with my back. What was the point? I was five years into the pain and had seen everyone anybody told me was any good at all and several who were supposed to be the best or claimed to be the best.What was the point? To be told once again, “it’s all in your head?” To hear that “we can’t find anything so there’s nothing wrong?”

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